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Name: Kelly.
Age: 20.
Height: 5'5"
Location: Chicago
Music: Mew, Crystal Castles, Flying lotus, Danger, Cursive, Gorillaz, Justice, Lily Allen, Salyu, The mars volta, MGMT, SNSD, Sonic Youth, A tribe called quest,ムック, メリー
Shows: Tim and eric, Fringe, True blood, The marvelous misadventures of flapjack, CSI:NY, Superjail
Anime:Kimi ni todoke, Outlaw Star, Cowboy bebop, FLCL,
Games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Left4Dead, Bayonetta, Resident evil, Prince of persia

The Pillows @ ACEN'05
TsuShiMaMiRe @ ACEN'06
Fear Before the March of flames @ Logan Square'06
Dir en Grey @ Family Values'06.
Fear Before the March of flames @ House of Blues'06
Dir en Grey @ House of blues'07.
Dir en Grey and Fall of troy @ Riviera'07
Street Brats @The Metro'07
Sonic Youth @ Pitchfork Music Festival'07
Bring me the Horizon @ Logan Square'07
Dir en grey @ House of blues'08
Dir en grey @ Metro'09
Mew @ Metro'09
Aural Vampire @ ACEN'10